Didn't get a special man friend over Valentines last week? Not to worry! We are here to help you...well we will at least make it feel like there is a smexy man friend in your home with this cologne inspired melt.

Mahogany, bergamot, and musk are mixed together with a dash of sexy man flannel shirt to give you this awesome melt! 



Boyfriend Material

SKU: wax melt
  • We use high quality soy wax and top of the line fragrance oils for all of our wax melts. 

    Each melt is made in a small batch to ensure the best quality possible.

    The best part about our melts? We source all of our materials from other small businesses across the US! This fact means that by purchasing any of our melts, you are supporting not just us but also the dreams and lives of several other individuals! #WELOVEYOU!

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