We couldn't help ourselves...WE LOVE BUBBLES! Our brand new Bubbly Bubbly Bubble Bath is exactly that, BUBBLE BATH! It isn't just any bubble bath though, this is a special super bubble bath packed with fragrance, skin loving oils, and  lots of bubbles! 

Most of our Summer was spent perfecting our bubble bath formulation and we are so happy with the final results that we are sharing with you all. 


Simply start filling your bath with warm water and pour out desired amount of bubble bath right over the water spout so that the bubble bath liquid mixes with the water and starts making its magic!


What the scent?! Bubbly Bubbly Bubble Bath will be fully released with over a dozen fragrances to choose from in mid November, until then though, we have 4 great scents to choose from! 

  • Juicy Green Apple - sweet crisp juicy green apples ripe from the apple tree!
  • Sweet Dreams - a relaxing blend of lavender and chamomile, perfect for bedtime! 
  • Blue Raspberry Slushee - our all time favorite! sweet, sugary, and tangy, everything we love! 
  • Butt Naked - yes its a funny name but it smells AMAZING! A fruity blend of strawberry, kiwi, pineapple, banana, and grape all mixed perfectly together with a hint of vanilla.


Our Bubbly Bubbly Bubble Bath will arrive to you in a plastic bottle with a cap and shrink wrapped. Each bottle has approx 8 oz of product.

Bubble Bath

Choose your scent!


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