Goldilock's Porridge Body Scrub
This is one of our newest scrubs and it is a true delight! Scented in oatmeal, milk, and honey, you will love this scrub! We have made this using our standard scrub base however, we have added in, milk powder and oatmeal! The milk powder combined with the butters and oils in the scrub provides amazing moisturazation while the added oatmeal mixed with the sugar gently exfoliates your body removing all of the dead skin.
We love using this scrub whenever we have a sunburn and the skin starts to peel, it is very light and doesn't hurt but still removes the dead skin.
You skin will feel amazing after you use our body scrubs! 

The nice thing about our scrub is it is a 3 in 1...
1 - Works as a soap
2- Works as an exfoliant 
3- Works as a lotion

You can't go wrong with that now can you?!

Goldilock's Porridge Body Scrub



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