Soak in the amazing and relaxing floral scent of fresh honeysuckles. Honeysuckle is a heady, intoxicating, sweet blend of yellow floral and nectarous, honeyed, almost fruity tonality
Enjoy a relaxing, peaceful bath with the beautiful aroma of honeysuckle. This bath bomb will make you feel like you are relaxing in a garden tub in the middle of an enchanted flower garden.

All of our bath bombs are made in small batches to ensure the best quality possible using only the finest ingredients. We use a special blend of oils and butters to ensure a top quality bath bomb that is fun and also good for you and your skin! After you use one of our bath bombs your skin will be silky smooth and smell amazing! We hope you to love our products just as much as we love making them! 

sodium bicarbonate. citric acid. soybean oil.shea butter polysorbate 80. fragrance oil. colorant. 

Honeysuckle Bath Bomb

  • Fill your bath with warm water. Drop bath bomb into water. Allow it to fizz and foam, setting up its delightful aroma. Enjoy!


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