You'll be ready for a goodnights sleep after bathing in our Lavender bath bomb. Made using high quality small batched lavender essintial oils along with high quality lavender fragrance oil to give you a refreshing and relaxing scent.

Lavender has been proven to improve your sleep along with decrease muscle imflamation and improving blood flow! 

Your skin will be silky smooth after your bath from the high amounts of shea butter and soybean oil that we add to our bath bombs. Your bath water will also be a beautiful shade of light sky blue. 

Our Lavender Bath Bombs are all handmade in Knoxville Tennessee by our amazing team. We use high quality skin loving ingredients that are actually sourced by other small businesses! We purchase all of our products from mom and pop shops that are just like us! That means that when you purchase any of our products, you are not only making our dream come true by also the treams of others! 


Lavender Bath Bomb



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