Stuffy nose? Headache? Aching body? Stressed? If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Clear Mind Shower Steamers are your answer! Created using our custom blend of 100% pure menthol, eucalyptus essential oil, and peppermint essential oil.

 These little creations are going to make you feel so much better by the end of your shower!

How do I use a shower steamer?!It's actually quite simple. Turn on your shower and take out 1-2 shower steamers out of the jar, place in the corner of your shower away from direct line of the shower water.

As the steam and water splashes  the steamer, it will set off its amazing soothing and theraputic aroma clearing your mind and soul instantly! 

Clear Mind Shower Steamer

  • Sodium Bicarbonate. Citric Acid. 100% Pure Menthol. Kaolin. Eucalyptus Essential Oil Peppermint Essential Oil.  Witch Hazel. 




    Allergic to  one of the ingredients in this product? Contact us for a custom product without that pesky ingredient so that you can enjoy these just like everyone else! 


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